Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Overland Tailor Tuning - OTT?

OTT offers custom engine and transmission performance tunes for select Toyota & Lexus vehicles. Please refer to the "Pricing & Availability" for additional details.

Q. How long does a tune take?

A naturally aspirated (NA) tune itself takes under 15 minutes. I would plan for 30 minutes which will include completing any updates and discussing all tuning options in detail. Supercharged setups usually take 1-2 hours.

Q. Will a tune increase your miles per gallon (MPGs)

Many variables effect MPGs, from driving style, driving condition, health of vehicle, gas quality and more. On average most customers report breaking even, or even gaining which is a fair trade off considering the performance gained from a tune.

Q. What are my tuning options?

In most cases we offer different level of aggression/response tunes to meet everyone's needs. Generally they are Lite, Mild, Medium, Spicy and Super Spicy. Third gen automatic Tacomas have an ECT PWR button which can be used as a secondary tune. So for example, Mild normal jump in and go, and medium when the ECT PWR in engaged, hence the Mild/Medium.

Q. How much does a tune cost?

Please refer to "Pricing & Availability" for additional details.

Q. Will OTT turn off any active codes?

Under no circumstances will OTT bypass, override or turn off any codes. It is illegal and not something we support. I question the integrity of any company who would. Your vehicle should be maintained and in good health prior to the tune with no active codes.

Q. Do I have to run 93 octane?

No. Any good quality 87-93 octane is fine.

Q. What are the performance gains?

Please refer to the "Dyno & Performance" section for additional details.

Q. How do you accept payment?

Cash (Preferred), Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal are the main payment methods. I do not accept cards directly, but they can be added to almost any app now a days.

Q. Do you charge for updates?

No. As long as you own the truck I'll be happy to adjust your tune for FREE. Bored and want to try Super Spicy? Send me a message!

Q. What if I move?

I'll send your info to the local OTT tuner who covers your area and will take care of you moving forward. Our team spreads throughout the United States to include Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Q. How do I book an appointment for an event or at your Melbourne, FL location?

Call, text, facebook messager, Instragram messanger, email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.